Jun 6, 2011

My first swap package

For the first time I dared to enter a swap! I hope somebody will claim my offer, this is what it looks like!

It contains of:

50 x pink shiny beads
15 x green (jade?) glass beads
8 x flat green (jade?) glass beads
2 x (different) keychains from Turkey containing a total of 55 beads

1 x big metal shoe-shaped charm decorated with ornamental stones
15 x wooden colored beads with on one side chinese marks, the other side a little buddha

And I'm sending it in a cute recyclable bag (in background)

Swap Lily Razz1
I'm so nervous! Let's see if they claim..


Patricia Van Lubeck said...

I found your blog by clicking around in the comments of Free People :-)))
What? You are from the Netherlands? Me too, but I'm living in New Zealand.

Lily Razz said...

How lovely that you jumped onto my blog Patricia! :) Yes I am from the Netherlands!!! And I am ABSOLUTELY JEALOUS of you because it was my dream to go to New Zealand! Way To Go Patricia!!!

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