Nov 20, 2011

Wishes for our beloved

It's still November but I like to send my christmas cards before the "busy period", especially when I'm sending internationally. This year I've decided to send something a bit different.

I found this lovely quote via Pinterest, and I love it so much I've decided to share it with my family overseas.

Since it would be to heavy to send a block of wood/stone, I've re-made the quote on my computer and used one of my old picture frames so they can easily put it on their fireplace or another place in their home. Little will they know that they're a picture of me and my beloved inside! (hopefully they will one day open that picture frame!)

Here's a free printable of the template I used (just save and print!) (:

Nov 13, 2011


Hi everybody!!!!
I'm back from my break and it's good to be home!
Though I cannot believe it's already mid-November and winter is kicking in! It's brrrrr cold!

But it's all good! I love to light up candles when it gets dark at night, and to curl up under the blanket and watch a movie while sipping on a hot drink! And of course it's another excuse to crochet more scarves, cowls and hats!

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