Apr 30, 2011

Unicorn stories

Today I found this website with unicorn stories ..  so sweet.

Episode 3 "Shell Game" is my favourite:

Cute huh? And I love the music.. very mellow! If you also liked it, I think you should check out their other video's too! Tell me which one is your favourite!

Apr 29, 2011

Bagged A Book!!

My very first improvised crochet project!! It's very simple: a small bag to carry/stash your book in.


Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!

I'm sharing one more of my own amigurumi with you: this bunny was my very first amigurumi project. Make it pink and it's a love bunny, make it yellow and it's an easter bunny!


Apr 21, 2011

A cute hedgehog for fairy!

Oooohw!! This pic is so cute!! Is saw the little cutie and just wanted to have a hedgehog baby and  keep it for myself!!!!! Don't you just love spring?!


Apr 19, 2011

"Thank You" bracelet

Today I gave my friend this "Thank You"-bracelet as a little gift to tell her how I appreciate our friendship. This one's very simple but you can make tons of variations of this bracelet: you can add/remove the number of strands, experiment with different "close" buttons and even put in some beads and bangles.


Apr 18, 2011

My first Mandala

What is a mandala?
The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle." Even though it may be dominated by squares or triangles, a mandala has a concentric structure. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. The meanings of individual mandalas is usually different and unique to each mandala. The goal of the mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it symbolizes cosmic and psychic order.

Mandala lily razzThis is my very first mandala.. it was very  terrifying to start at first, the blank page was just staring at me.. I could hear it whisper "what are you going to do with me? you can't draw!"

Apr 17, 2011

Crochet Bag! And the pattern!

 The Bag.. and the Pattern!

Lily razz 1st bag! 

Cable Tidy

Yesterday evening I made this cable tidy. Cuz I don't like cables, they annoy me. Sometimes I wish that I had a totally "wireless" home. Cables are just so.. UGLY!

Cable tidy tight - lily razz

Apr 16, 2011

Oh my gosh!! So cute!!!

I just wanted to share that I love love love this cute design from Janet McMahon. I'm putting it on my must-make list!!

cute unicorn

Little gift pouch!

This tiny little bag is about 5cm tall and handy to use instead of wrapping paper when you have a small present to give! Again, it's easy peasy and quick to make and it's very cute! I'm using this one for myself to stash my beads in..

Apr 15, 2011

Frumpy, but Happy Bunny!

We all have those moments where you get bored, and don't feel like doing all the stuff you usually like. I had one of those moments..

So I took a piece of fabric, scissors and a needle and I made.. some kind of bunny.

Apr 14, 2011

Happy Cupcake Pincushion

After a finalizing a few crochet projects, I discovered there are two things you really need to stick with:

1) Clutter Control (meaning yarns, hooks, unfinished projects etc.)
2) Pin Control

And that's why I made a pincushion for myself!


Easy to make and very effective! I don't have a solution the clutter control yet.. Any suggestions?

Apr 13, 2011

Flowers Flowers Flowers!

Oooooh I love the fact that it's spring!!! Makes me so happy! A few days ago I went and started crocheting flowers.. And I mean non-stop. Cuz they were so easy and quick to make, oh and did I mention that it's spring and I love love love it?

But now the next thing to do is finding a purpose for them.. Will I stick them on a purse, will I stick them in my hair?

Six Ways to Wear a Crocheted Shawl

Since I've been crocheting for over a month now, I've not yet dared to crochet a shawl of my own. But I will.. Someday. And I already have some ideas on how to wear it when it's finished! Marcy Smith from Crochet Me has posted these pictures, getting me only more excited to start a shawl project!

Apr 12, 2011

Happy thoughts, fuel for happiness!

When browsing (maybe more shopping ^^) today, I found this welcome mat which I thought had a great quote:
I thought: what a nice thing to do for yourself if you buy a welcome mat like that! But since I already have a welcome mat, I thought: hmmm can I come up with something else.. Maybe I can... .... ....

Apr 11, 2011

My first Gurumi's!

As promised in my earlier post about amigurumi dolls, I'm sharing some of my first projects! Here Goes!

1) Sleepy Sarah.. zzzz... she's so cute!


Apr 6, 2011

Amigurumi dolls!


A-MI-GU-RU-MI = literally, "knitted stuffed toy"
Amigurumi is a Japanese form of crocheted dolls. Most are antropomorphic, meaning they have body parts that are not in proportion to their other parts. They are incredibly cute to most people, and sometimes alien to others. Source: Squidoo

Fox I discoverd Amigurumi about 4weeks ago, and since then I am  an ADDICT! Once you get the hang of it, you can't stop. Long live the internet with all it's tutorials and free patterns! My own projects aren't so nice as these pics but hey.. I'm still practicing! Will share my own amigurumi soon!



Apr 5, 2011

Lily Razz


I love searching for crafty things, cute things, clothing and bag favourites that make me feel good! And I'd like to share it with you. So please share back! Any comments, suggestions, tips etc. are very welcome!

This blog focuses more on craftiness and my own projects, but for more cuteness, clothing and bags, please visit my other blog http://lilyrazz.blogspot.com/

If you'd like to know more about me, please visit my profile. Life's too short to blend in!

x Lily Razz



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