Jul 5, 2011

Holiday Ankle Bracelet Pattern

With this pattern you can make a custom fit ankle bracelet with any bead or button you like!

You’ll need:- tape measure
- button or bead of choice
- needle and thread to sew on bead/button
- small amount of any yarn
- crochet hook (whatever hook recommended
  by your yarn of choice)

Update 10/02/2014:
If you're not into measuring, here are the notes that I made.
Yarn: DK / 8 ply (11 wpi)
Hook Size: 3,5mm

Row 1: Chain 55, turn
Row 2: skip 10ch, sc in the 11th ch from hook - stop! Check if the buttonhole is big enough for your button to fit through - sc untill end
Fasten off and Attach button.

I guess this is about standard size, but of course the outcome will depend on which yarn and hook you choose.

If you want to make your bracelet fitted, please read on...

  A: Measure around your ankle - where you’d like your ankle bracelet to
       be (not too tight!).

       Write down (A): . . . . .

  B: Measure the widest part of your bead/button.

       Write down (B): . . . . . x 2 = (C): . . . . . 

Now we’re ready to make the bracelet!
Make your startchain as long as A and C together, plus 3 additional chains for tolerance.

Find the chain that is C-length from hook and SC in this chain, making a loop. This loop is your closing hole so before you go any further, make sure the loop is not too tight or too loose by pushing your bead/button through it.
Too tight: make your first SC further from your hook
Too loose: make your first SC more near your hook
(If you have to adjust the loop, also recheck whether your chain still fits properly around your ankle!)

Now comes the easiest part, SC in every chain along untill end and finish off. Weave in ends and sew on your bead/button at this end.

The bracelet will be a little corkscrewed in the beginning, but that will become less and less as you wear it. You’re ready to wear your ankle bracelet!

If you have any questions about this pattern, please feel free to email me at lilyrazz@hotmail.nl!


Chaucer's Aunty said...

This is a great little pattern Lily! Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be having a go at it :D

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Hi again Lily! I just wanted to say that I've nominated you for the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award! Hop over to my blog and you can claim your award! Laura x

fairyhedgehog said...

That's pretty!

Caroline Lovis said...

Hi Thanks for looking me up it led me here and I'm so glad it did. Your blog is full of goodies to savour, love the ankle bracelet.

Lily Razz said...

Thanks Laura, Fairy and Caroline for your sweet comments!

And Laura, I'm definately claiming ^_^ you're too sweet for nominating me!!! Can I nominate back? ;-)

Blueberry Tea said...

Hi Lily thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Love the bracelet I tried to leave a comment yesterday but couldn't for some reason. Anyhow thanks again and congrats on your blog award it's lovely.x

Lily Razz said...

Hi Blueberry Tea,
Thanks for your lovely comment :) I'm excited to watch your just-started blog grow!

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