Dec 13, 2013

Houndstooth Potholder Pattern

Happy FO Friday everybody! I found this lovely potholder pattern, but since it was a Swedish pattern I had to translate it with Google translate. With a little tweaking of my own, I think I'm pretty close.

This pattern uses two colors: Color A and Color B

Chain 26 with edge color (color A) ,
turn and work sc in 2nd chain from hook untill end of row (25sc).
Turn and change color (color B)
Row 1: (color B): 1 sc, 1 dc//1tr (insert hook in stitch of the previous row);
* 1 sc, 1 dc//1tr* repeat * - * across row.
Row 2: (color B): 25 sc
Row 3: (color A): = ROUND 1
Row 4: (color A): = ROUND 2
Continue crocheting until piece is square. Work 1 row sc around potholder to finish the edging.
To make handle: Chain 20. Join in the dc with a sl st. Fasten off tightly.  Weave in ends.

My extra comments:
Sc's are worked regularly, but all dc's in this pattern are worked in "row -2". (i.e. if you are at row 3, you insert your hook in a row 1stitch)

When changing colors I change the order of sc,dc. i.e. Row 1: (color B): *1sc, 1dc* repeat * - * across row. Row 3: (color A): *1dc, 1sc* repeat * - * across row

If you have any questions about my translation, please let me know! Original pattern can be found here.


Kepanie said...

These look awesome! Great job, Lily. Thanks for posting the translation.

Lily Razz said...

Thank you Kepanie, you're such a sweetheart!

Sharon Mahoney said...

I like the pattern for the potholder very much and am trying to do. I would appreciate your explaining the following:
Row 1: 1sc, 1dc//1 tr What does // mean? Can't find it in my book "The Crochet Bible". I understand the 3 stitches and that the the note re: the tr (insert hook in stitch of the previous row; just don't understand //.
Thank you.
Sharon Mahoney

Sharon Mahoney said...

I really like your potholder with houndstooth pattern.
I would appreciate knowing one thing and I will try it.
In Row 1 you say 1sc,1dc//1tr(insert hook in stitch of the previous row). What does // mean? I've been unable to find a definition for that term. Does it possibly mean special instructions follow?

Lily Razz said...

Hi Sharon!

// means "or". I translated this pattern and I never knew whether she meant tr or dc, but I think you can use both. I guess it also depends whether your using the UK or US crochet terms. When you're using the US terms, the pattern is:

1sc, 1dc

When you're using UK terms, the pattern is:

1dc, 1tr

I hope this clarifies things a bit, I will adjust the post.

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