Jan 29, 2014

WiP WednesDay!

Happy Wednesday! I'm so happy we're halfway through the week. Last couple of days have been a bit chaotic and I'm hopeful that from tomorrow, life will be a bit more mellow..

Since I last blogged about my "beanie-block", I decided to just give it a go. I just picked a pattern and I started hooking! And with some bulky yarn and a 10mm hook, it's working up fast!

Sorry about the blank-face pic, but I really didn't like the ones where I was smiling.. Let's move on quickly!

My neighbour gave me this lovely booklet with cute mini crochet patterns, sweet huh? The title of the book is 'Crochet mini dogs and cats' and as I quickly started hooking, I realised that they weren't kidding with the term "mini"! The body of the cat-to-be in the picture is about 3cm. Teenie!

In other news, fiance had given me an incredible lovely set of dishes for my birthday last week.
And... he managed to break one plate almost immediately! Poor plate..
I told him not to throw away any of the pieces, since I heard about Kintsugi sometime in 2013... Kintsugi is the japanese art of "repairing with gold to create a perfectly imperfect piece of beauty." Here's an example I found on the internet:
"By messy mending you emphasise the marks and scars of a product giving it a new perspective and beauty while offer it longevity"
I am so going to do this with my plate! It'll be my way to say "Perfect is overrated" to myself, or "love yourself despite your flaws" whilst crafting and having fun.. Yea!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Itty bitty kitty is cute! Love the hat too.

Kepanie said...

What an interesting way to repair broken pottery. What a sweet gift too from your fiance. That booklet looks awesome to hook from. I love the start of your beanie. Bulky always has that chic look.

Lily Razz said...

Oh! That'll be my project name: Itty Bitty Kitty ;-)

Thanks Kepanie for the beanie love :)

Faith said...

Love the gold repair idea, truly beautiful. I thought you were going to say about mosaicing it into something else....I think its a lovely idea when you can see where the different bits came from and the memories that go with it.

Love you mini cat and your beanie too.

Lily Razz said...

Oh I'd love to learn to mosaic one day! Sigh... so many crafts to learn!

fairyhedgehog said...

I love the Kintsugi idea - I'd never heard of that.

Such a pretty plate!

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