Sep 17, 2011

Blogger's Blues? I'm back!

Hi everybody!! Long time no see!
I've been on a holiday for one week in August and after that I somehow really didn't feel like blogging untill today! Could I have had the blogger blues?

Anyway, I'm still very alive and I missed being in the blogosphere! My blogger blues are over :) and since fall is coming so soon, I'd thought I'd share 4 DIY projects to keep being crafty on those cold & rainy days! Hope it inspires you!

1) Make a fall wreath
What better way to to welcome and celebrate fall: a fall wreath!
On a_pretty_life_in_the_suburbs_blog is a great tutorial on how to make a wreath like the one below:

And here's a tip! Since foam wreaths are quite expensive, go to a hardware/DIY sotre and grab a six foot long piece of foam tubing! They're so cheap! Then snip the length you want and duct tap ethe ends together.

2) Cozy up your home
Don't you love it when those cold and rainy days come along, and you're indoors under a blanket enjoying a cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa? Make it even more enjoyable by decorating your home with fall-related ornaments!

3) Start on your christmas presents
Knitted cowls, crocheted scarves, handmade christmas cards or other crafted goodies?! If haven't started already, this could be a great time to start so that you can eliminate a few panick attacks just before the holidays! I'm crocheting some presents and I've shared my list of projects here!

4) Don't forget your comfy outfit!
My ultimate love when it comes to seasonal changes: outfit change! It's time to get all those nice and warm clothes out! Gloves, hoodies, scarves and sweaters! Cover yourself in comfyness! Yay fall!


Hippywitch said...

Welcome back! Sometimes you just need a break :-)

I like autumn, all those lovely colours and cosy fires and candles and blankets!

I did it, I opened my etsy shop, you can get to it from my blog if you want to see it. While your there I started a giveaway too, it'd be great if you enter!

Lily Razz said...

Thank you Hippywitch! And I'm coming over to your blog soon!

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