Sep 20, 2011

Bobble diamonds and posts scarf - Pattern test

For the first time I was a "pattern tester" for a crochet pattern! It was such a different experience than just crocheting for yourself! The pattern test came from Marie Segares a.k.a. Underground Crafter and the pattern was called bobble diamonds and posts scarf.

Here's the final result!

I'm really happy with the look of the scarf and it's very comfy! I planned on giving it as a Christmas gift but I might keep it for myself!

 If you're interested in testing a pattern of Marie, you can also find her on Ravelry and keep track of her need of pattern testers here!


Hippywitch said...

Ooo it looks lovely and warm! What a lovely pattern it would make a great gift.

Lily Razz said...

Aaww thank you hippywitch, you're so sweet! ^^

Underground Crafter said...

I just saw this Lily Razz, and it looks great!

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