Jun 9, 2012

Blowing Bubbles

I have this theory: I believe there's a little girl hidden in every one, that sometimes wants to get out. Proffesional lawyer-ladies, mothers, grandma's and yes - even men/boys want to be a little girl sometimes. Because little girls get spoiled - often more than little boys - don't have to act tough and get away with a lot. That's my theory and I hope everyone will embrace that one day.

(By the way that's my #3 random facts about me, if you'd like to read 6 other random facts, click here!)

The little girl inside me was alive and kicking the other day, when I found myself blowing bubbles!
It was such a long time ago, it was really fun!

So what if people think I'm a bit crazy, I was blowing bubbles and loving it! Yay life!

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