Jul 7, 2011

Irrisistibly Sweeeet Award!

Yaaaay!! More celebration!!! If I wasn't already having a give away I would definitely start one right now just out of excitement!!

I won the Irrisistibly Sweet Blog Award! I'm still such a newbie-blogger, who would have thought that Crafty-Laura aka Chaucer's Aunty would be so sweet to give me that award?!?!? Of course this is my first blog award and I'm doing a happy dance on my table!! Thank you Laura!!! I'm giving you a big virtual hug!!

As part of the award you have to give 7 random facts about yourself... here goes! :) ...

1. Untill a few months ago I had a neighbour who grew lots of marihuana on his balcony. I found out because it smelled funny one time - the plants were probably ready for harvesting - and I noticed these huge plants! I live in Amsterdam, where I think it's legal to have one plant "for your own use" (I'm not even sure!) but still I was very shocked to find out! Now he's moved somewhere else so no green stuff will grow and I don't have to be afraid for a police raid. . . . .

2. My lovebird Peachy sometimes makes "farty" noises with his mouth for no appearent reason and sometimes just falls down because he doesn't look where he's going. He's so lovable but oh so spoiled.

3.I believe there's a little girl hidden in every one, that sometimes wants to get out. Proffesional lawyer-ladies, mothers, grandma's and yes - even men/boys want to be a little girl sometimes. Because little girls get spoiled - often more than little boys - don't have to act tough and get away with a lot. That's my theory and I hope everyone will embrace that one day.

4. My little toe often gets described by me as "my peanut" (yes, a little embarrassing random fact) because I think it looks like a peanut. I think all toes look funny, don't you?

5. I've never liked Cola/Pepsi/That Brown Stuff.

6.   I love buying nailpolish and I have a big collection with many colours, but I almost never actually paint my nails.. And if I do, I screw up by being inpatient and making scratches or blobs and I have to take it off/redo them. Mostly I don't.

7. I laugh really really loud. It's more like a big giggle, but still - sometimes I'm amazed about how loud I sound!

Okay and now more good stuff! I have to pass on the Irrisistibly Sweeeet Award! to other fabulous bloggers:

 Patricia from Making My Own Clothes because I love how she's making her own clothes, but also because she has other blogs where she writed about her life as an artist, her paintings and her other creations like these painted wooden shoes:

Caroline Lovis at Redneedle because I love her creations and she stated on 4th of July that she's in love with crochet!!!

Fairy from Fairyhedgehog because she blogs about whatever takes her fancy including her lovely cats and her crochet projects and I fell in love with this post!!

Thanks again Laura for your award!!!! xxxxxxx


FoFo said...


Caroline Lovis said...

Oooooh thank you for thinking of me that's so sweet. Just been out to purchase..... wool! I'll give you a special mention on my blog in next few days

Suz said...

Hi Lily..thanks for popping by and welcome to my blog...hope you find something to enjoy and pop back real soon
Hugs Suz x

Lily Razz said...

Thank you so much FoFo! Now the next big thing is getting my Year of Projects list finalized!

Caroline, I'm excited to see what your next crochet project will be ;-)

Suz your blog is so lovely and you have amazing tutorials! I'll definately be spending a lot of time there! :)

fairyhedgehog said...

That's so very, very kind of you.

I love how your blog is looking and I love your seven facts.

I used to think that my toes looked like crinkle-cut chips.

I really support marijuana for medical use - I know too many people who'd benefit if they decriminalised it.

I love the idea of the little girl in all of us. A late (male) friend of mine would have heartily agreed with you!

Lily Razz said...

Thanks you fairy for taking the time to read my facts ^_^ And I'm loving the crinkle-cut chips idea!

I absolutely love reading your blog and your blog is also in my blogroll on my other blog!

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