Oct 19, 2013

Getting My Green On > Growing Lemon Seeds

Unfortunately, I wasn't born with green fingers/a green thumb. I'm grateful if plants in my house last over a year. I really try to care for them, but somehow I just can't keep them alive for much longer! As for my balcony, I usually buy the one-year bloomers because I know other plants won't last..
But I've decided I want to change that.. I only have a balcony at the moment, but hopefully one day I'll have my own garden. And by then, hopefully I'll be GREAT at gardening! And as they say: "practice makes perfect".

So when I found this photo tutorial on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try.

  • Soak lemons seeds overnight.
  • Gently remove outer layer of seeds.
  • Put back into water as you prepare soil.
  • Plant lemon seeds in a circle pattern.
  • Place small pebbles on top of seeds.
  • Water occasionally and watch it grow.

  • I had done this in spring (except for the pebbles as I didn't have any). I was so excited when I saw that something was happening! The little seedlings were sprouting and growing (even my fiance was impressed!) and now I want to proudly show you all this picture:

    Tadaaaa! I'm so happy it's still alive! I almost stopped mid-project since the 'gently removing the outer layer of seeds' wasn't at all as easy as I expected - the seeds were slippery from soaking and kept slipping out of my fingers. But I persisted!It's been an outdoor plant this summer, but I'm planning repot it and put it inside for the winter! Hah! I think I'm getting my green on!


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