Oct 27, 2013

Little Miss Impulse

Hey everybody! Hope you're having a great weekend! I'm not really sure what happened this week, but somehow, since last week, I made:

Toys for Nala:

A Catnest for Nala:

 She was already liking it before it was done!

She's so happy with it, first she plays with it,

Then she sleeps in it!

And last but not least, I started making beanies for Christmas presents..

All of which were not on my YoP list! Which makes me an.. impulse crocheter? I'm not sure whether that's the right term, but it's safe to say that I've not been sticking to my plan.. And I'm also a bit worried.. How much kitty-stuff does one need to crochet before being labeled 'crazy catlady'?

Well anyhow, I've decided to "cancel" giving Hot Packs as Christmas presents since fiance very wisely asked: "are we truly going to spend a lot of money shipping a lot of rice to the other side of the world?" As annoyed as I was with him (being a wiseass) at that moment, he did have a point, since we have to pay more as the weight of the package increases. So I have to start thinking about other alternatives as Christmas presents, hence the beanies! Anybody else any fun suggestions for Christmas presents?

Wish you all a great week!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Kitty is so cute!!!!!!!! No ideas for Christmas gifts, as I don't make many..

fairyhedgehog said...

She looks so cute in her cat nest!

Anonymous said...

I love the cat nest and Nala looks really cute in it. Great beanies and I'm always adding new and random things to my list lol.

aknitwithacake said...

I love the catnest and I think Nala does too!!
I'm giving lots of dish/washcloths this year, but your beanies look great!

Ylva said...

I know that feeling, I seem to add more and more projects to my list as the year goes by. I'm sticking to some of my plans, but some will probably never get done. It's still nice to have some kind of organization, I think :)

Grenadine Girl said...

Awwwwwwwwww. Those toys are adorable! And the cat too!

Christine said...

Such a cute set of toys a snuggle bed for Nala!

Christine said...

Lovely beanies and kitty stuff! Good job :)

Sam I Am...... said...

You were doing exactly what I need to be doing....making cat stuff for my Grace! She still has no bed (except I share mine with her) and her toys are not really cat toys but objects she finds around the house. Those are so cute and so is Nala! I'm going back to see if you linked those patterns. I hope so!
As for Christmas presents...I've thought of making washcloths, spa sets, chair legs covers, ipad covers, scarves, brooches and toys. I have a zillion projects on my project page! Good luck!

kim said...

Lucky little kitty, she looks so happy with her new nest.........I wouldn't say no to a person sized nest of my own at the moment.......great for hiding away in when you want undisturbed knitting time.

The beanies are lovely and will make great christmas gifts.........for the older members of my family, of which there are many, I tend to knit pretty dishcloth sets to match their kitchens........the men in my family are always happy to get socks under the tree, although as these are a slower make they take a bit more forward planning, lol.

Kepanie said...

LOL! LOved your fiance's wise crack. What an observation. Rice can be heavy. What about using lavendar to stuff instead?
You are a talented hooker ;O). The cat nest is fun! I wish I could crawl in and play. I like the pink.
The beanies look awesome. I love the texture crochet gives to fabric.

Sandy said...

I was anxious to read about your hot packs, which is something so many folks can use; sorry to hear you're not going to do them. Can you share the pattern you were going to use? You also don't have to worry or wonder about size and colors with hot packs. Might be worth a trip to you post office to see the best way to ship, maybe there's a way you can minimize the cost?

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