Nov 4, 2013

Gifts Gifts Gifts

How's everybody?! Are you also 'enjoying' the fall weather? We (Amsterdam) have experienced a heavy storm with huge trees falling into parked cars and it even got a woman killed when a tree fell on her! Luckily, the weather's been behaving itself since then..

I got a bit delayed this week writing this post since fiance and I were so busy. We had a lot of family and friends coming over and I was especially busy with presents and gifts this week. First, I had arranged a 'high tea' for my friends at my house, and gifted them the Schnuggle packets I made for them. And, since one of my friends just had a newborn baby girl, I also made some cute headbands last minute:


And I had decided to give fiance a guitar for his upcoming birtday. But since he's a lefty, I had to order his gift from Spain via Belgium. It came this weekend and I originally had stored it in our attic, but I just couldn't wait 3weeks more! It was a total surprise since of course he wasn't expecting anything yet! I'm happy I also still have some small presents to give him on his birthday!

In the meantime I'm still working on the Christmas present beanies, and I've almost finished the fourth beanie, so I have one more beanie to go!

I also started making bookmarks for Christmas presents, my first project with a 1.25mm hook!
Once the beanies and the bookmarks are finished, they go into the box which I will be sending to Canada! I've already collected a lot of stuff to send, mostly candies and cookies that we have locally and is not available in Canada.. Somehow I think it already looks festive!
Then, the 8year old girl who lives near us came by yesterday to give me a present. She had crocheted (finger crochet) a keychain for me! It was so out of the blue and sweet and heartwarming! Look it!
And after cleaning out our closets, we donated a big bag of clothes to Romania through our other neighbours! It's more charity than gift, but still.. It gave me good feeling! So that was my week! Untill next time everybody!


Marsha said...

I bet your Fiance was so happy with his gift. I am a lefty and they made me learn to play guitar right handed. It was a struggle. Love the projects you are making. Those bookmarks are really smart looking. I am sure family and friends in Canada will be happy to get the treats also.

Christine said...

Thanks to you I now have that Christmas gift beanie downloaded and on my iPad :)
Looks great! And pretty easy!
Happy gifting!

Ylva said...

Wow, what a pretty bookmark! And with such a small hook, it must be fiddly. I'm impressed :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Look at that tiny little hook! Those bookmarks are going to be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Really cute headbands and I know the bother in looking for left handed guitars, my son is a leftie and took up guitar two years ago and wanted a black one at the time! Oh the searching but he still loves it and so it was worth it. Love the beanies and that box is going to look so festive with your goodies and presents in it. What size thread are you using for the bookmarks, 12 ?

Lily Razz said...

Hi Marsha, yes he's very happy! I already told him that he could show his happiness by serenading me ;-)

Hi Christine! Yes those beanies are pretty easy to make and I love the look and feel of them! Happy crocheting!

Thanks Ylva & MMOS, you're so sweet!

Ruth, great to hear your son is still in love with his guitar! I'm not familiar with thread sizes so I'm not sure, but it's this yarn I'm using:

fairyhedgehog said...

I'm impressed with your work with that tiny hook. It looks so pretty!

Kepanie said...

Bless your generous and thoughtful heart. Your recipients are extremely lucky. You go!

aknitwithacake said...

I love the headbands and bookmarks, they look very precise. The Christmas box looks great already and very thoughtful.

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