May 14, 2011


Comfort Food.. Even though I'm only 26 springs old, I feel like I've invented it!

One of my major dislikes about me is that I LOVE eating sweets during crafting (being honest, you can delete the "during crafting" part).... And lately I've been craving & eating tiramisu. I've never liked it as a child - now I cannot stop eating it.. It's disgusting how much I eat!

So I need help! I want those cravings GONE!!!! I've quit smoking, so that's a big no-no.. Tea and water I already drink a lot... And I stuff myself at regular dinners as well! Oh and by the way I'm NOT pregnant! So I'm almost at the point of becoming this tiny - but fatty - lady..

Please.. Somebody.. Help Me..

Tira... Me... loves... U!!!!!!

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