May 3, 2011

My Poofy Ball Coco

I just wanted to share my poofy ball with ya'll ^^. His actual name is Coco, but he really only responds to the name "Peachy" (I found out only about 2 years ago - and I'm not sure how) and I really don't know why! Now I think: "It fits him more really.. His forehead is kind of peach-colored.."  Usually he really does not like my creative projects.. He wants attention, and if he's not getting it he will try to demolish whatever is keeping him from that.

However a little while ago we did a little project for him, the stubborn old lovebird.. We hung a rope right in front of the window and added a little bell.. He loves it! We have restored the peace in our house..

Peachy loving his rope and his view:P03-08-10_12-36

Headbutting & cuddling the bell like a cat:007

Being an annoying little twat on my shoulder:



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