May 31, 2011

Rekindled.. Shirt!

Do you also have shirts that you love to wear and hate to throw away because of a stain or the fit just isn't what it used to be? Well I have! And in my case there's also another reason why I don't wear shirts anymore.. I sometimes just get bored with them!

I have this simple, brown longsleeve and although I did love to wear it, after a while I felt boring wearing it! Then it got stained, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to throw it away..

Brown longsleeve

So when I found this 3Dpaint, I thought: "hey let's try some of that.." So I took some paint, some scissors, and..

I'm still busy with it.. It's kind of hibernating... Off to LaLa-land..

But I wanted to show you the half-way result!

 Hugs & kisses

As I told you, it's not finished.. And it's my first time so.. Anyway I managed to cut away the stain in my collar, and I hope someday it'll be wearable again.. And if I look like a hippy wearing it, so be it.. At least I won't feel boring ;-)

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