May 13, 2011

Blossom Poofs!

I'm still loving flowers! Two days ago I made this "blossom poofs"-bookmark. You can find the free pattern here! Since my beads were so much bigger, I had to alter the pattern a little bit to fit the flowers to the size of the beads.. I'll type down my changes below the picture!


Altered pattern to fit to my beads:

(strung 2 beads on yarn before crocheting - as you can see on the pictures, I took 2 different colors)

ch3, push 1 bead up as close to your ch as you can get it, ch 2 more, and sl st to form a ring.
Inner Ring of Petals:
ch3, 4dc, sl st (make 3 petals, and sl st in 2nd sp of first petal)
Outer Ring of Petals:
In every 2nd & 4th sp of previous petals, work ch3, 4dc, sl st (make 6 petals, and sl st in first petal)

Then I chained 100 and then made another flower as described above.

By the way, I made it into a bookmark, but of course you can also make it into something else, for example: bracelet, belt, curtain tidy - depending on your wishes! ;-)

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