Aug 9, 2011

Let's go green!

Hello... How are all my bloggy friends today? I hope you are all well and continuing to be happily creative!

RecycleCindy from myrecycledbags has a great green & eco-friendly site that's dedicated to recycling and crafting and I just love her blog!

Cindy has great tutorials and patterns and comes up with the most original ideas!

One of my favourites is this crocheted bag made out of recycled bread bags, isn't is colorful?

Or how about making t-yarn from an old tshirt? I'm definintely going to do this!

Make sure you have a look at this great & delightful blog to get more eco-friendly ideas and get your craft on!


TamaraD said...

Wat een creatieve idee├źn, erg leuk!

Lily Razz said...

Vond ik ook, ben benieuwd of ik zelf iets recylcle-achtig kan maken!

Caroline Lovis said...

Thanks for the tip. Isn't the bag wonderful! I'd better start saving my plastic bags.

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Great idea!! Laura x

Lily Razz said...

I agree Caroline! And she has lots of more ideas for us to be crafting green!

Laura, I'm happy you like it too!

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