Aug 15, 2011

My Name! (is it?)

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend~!~

We went to Antwerp today, and there was a street artist that would write down your name on a piece of paper. You had to spell your name, as well as pronounce it, and he'd draw it for you!

Here's the result!

I think it spells my name, but even if it spells "meatball" it's still a pretty picture!
Now all I have to do is get a pretty frame and find a nice place in my home to hang it!


Hippywitch said...

Ooo I like that! Know what you mean about the translation though, my tattoo artist once had a customer in who had 'sex tractor' instead of 'sex machine' on their arm in Japanese kanji (by another tattoo artist!)and didn't have a clue until he told them, lol!

Lily Razz said...

:o REALLY! That's just shocking! 'Sex Tractor' does sound funny but I'm sure it wasn't for the poor customer who had that tattoo!! Luckily for me it's not tattood on my arm, whatever the translation may be!

Hippywitch said...

Actually she wasn't bothered and thought it was funny, lol! As long as she doesn't happen to bump into anyone who can read kanji then I guess no one would know :-)

Lily Razz said...

Happy to hear she can also laugh about it! She sounds cool about it and now she also has a funny story to tell!!

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