Aug 23, 2011

A present pour moi!

Hello lovelies! I´ve been taking a bit of a detour from my YoP list with the whole Etsy adventure! Putting those two scarves up for sale got me all nervous whether I´d get any takers! So I decided togive myself a present, and this is me wearing it!

It´s long and blue striped, with a dark sapphire kind of blue and a lighter, baby blue shade!!

At first I also thought of selling it, but I´m worried about those weaved in ends that might pop out! Once I blocked it I thought well I´ll just keep it!

But I feel a bit guilty not having paid much attention to my YoP WIP´s, so I decided that this week I would at least finish 2 WIP´s: the Cherry Swirl Bag and the Love Birds. If I put my mind to it, it should be do-able! Right?? Well, I´m gonna try!

And even though it´s very small right now, I´m still proud of my Etsy shop. So if you haven´t seen it and want to see it, click here! :D

I wish everybody a great week!


Evelyn said...

Lovely scarf and fun projects ahead! Happy knitting.

Evelyn said...

Lovely scarf and fun projects ahead! Happy knitting.

Faith said...

Your scarf is lovely and your list of projects looks waaay longer than mine, I still reckon I will struggle with mine as I take on too many silly things all the time, normally it is two days before someone's birthday and I decide to make something huge! Good luck with your easy shop - how exciting!

Lily Razz said...

Thank you Evelyn!

Faith, I have the same as you - I always get distracted and take on other projects so I have to be firm to myself this time... Hope it'll work!

Kepanie said...

Congrats on the opening of your Etsy shop! I love the colorways you chose for the Blue Kisses scarf. Good luck; I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute scarf! I think two for the shop for every one for you is a very good ratio!

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