Nov 10, 2013

It's a Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Everybody! I just have to say I'm really happy I decided to join YoP again, even if I entered late. It's nice to keep up with everybody, and it really keeps me motivated to start (and finish, even more important!) projects! So thanks guys for stopping by and sending encouraging messages!

Speaking of finishing projects, I finally finished my Sweet and Sunny Cowl! I took a picture but it's kind of dark and blurry.. I'll take a new picture soon.

I finished Nala's blankets (more kitty stuff? Enough with the crazy catlady already!). One with a pink edging that matched her pillow, and one with purple edging. I couldn't resist adding a miniture pillow to that one too!
Last but not least of the FO's this week: I finished the bookmarks to give to my aunts as Christmas presents!

I've almost finished the fifth Christmas beanie which should mean I was finishing up the last one, untill I decided I had to make one more for my youngest nephew.. I've made one for all the kiddo's (my nieces and nephews) in Canada, except for the baby! I figure I must try and make a toddler-sized beanie..

Speaking of adding to my to-do's.. I had so much fun practicing the star stitch  that I now want to explore other pattern stitches! So I'm adding to my list (full update here):

Jasmine Stitch // Waffle Crochet // Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch // Pineapple Stitch // Brick Stitch // Cibele's Stitch // Crochet Moss Stitch // Basketweave Stitch

Lotus Flower Stitch // Checkmark Ribs // Basketweave Stitch // Diamond Grid // Ribboned Stockinette // Winding Columns // Eyelet Moss Stitch

Enthousiastic much? Definitely! Hope you all have a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

Love the cowl and those bookmarks are such a great idea and look so pretty also. Nala I'm sure will be delighted with her blankets and pillows. Love the new additions to the list and I look forward to seeing you try them.

Faith said...

The cowl looks lovely, very sunny, especially when everything is a bit drab outside now (well here anyway). I really like the bookmarks, such a nice gift. I totally get the crazy cat lady stuff...I don't think you're alone!

cleancup said...

Those bookmarks are stunning!

Christine said...

Great looking list of stitches and techniques to learn! I am in a similar boat but have not been able to articulate the exact techniques I want to learn.

Your nieces and nephews will love the beanies!

I have been on a hat kick too!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh! I love all your projects! and I add them to my favs like the nest for my cat and miniature dachsund and I love the cowl and color of it. The bookmarks are awesome! I will definitely be trying those and what great presents they'll make! Love your enthusiasm!

nauget bluff said...

Cowl's are my favorite project to knit..the picture looks fine..although I can't seem to focus on the knitting with that cute kitty sitting there.

That is a really neat pattern for bookmarks..I've never seen it before..

Ylva said...

Woo, I got lots of inspiration from reading your list of stitch patterns. There's still so much to learn :D

I love those kitty blankets, and the kitty itself :D

fairyhedgehog said...

I love all of those! You've been very busy on pretty things.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Those bookmarks are lovely! I'm thinking of adding them to my Christmas to-do list. The sunny cowl is very sunny ... certain to brighten up the gloomiest winter day!

Grenadine Girl said...

I do love a garter stitch scarf

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