Nov 17, 2013

Projects Galore

This week has been crazy busy. Next to wedding-planning with fiance, I had tons of 'dates' with friends to catch up because we didn't see eachother for a long time, and one dinner with my niece who I hadn't seen for 6years! We both already felt bad for not seeing eachother for so long, but to make matters worse she'd moved to Amsterdam 2years ago and we're living about 6blocks from eachother! Luckily we both made it to dinner this week and we had a great time, like we'd never been apart for so long! And we've already made plans for our next get-together, so no more 6year-break!

Now, on to YoP 'cause I've been busy crafting too! There's been an abundance of projects! First off, I finally finished my Christmas Present Beanies for my nephews and nieces! Yay!

And I finished the final Christmas Present to send to Canada > these hotpads for my Aunt. And off to the postoffice it went! (the box with presents, that is)
Most exciting (for me at least) was that a friend had asked me to make something she could gift! She doesn't crochet or knit but she'd seen some stuff I made and wants to pay me for 'my services'! Isn't that a kick? And I'm lucky that I found a pattern that says: 'you're welcome to sell from my pattern'
Then I decided to make a little something for me, and I made these easy boot cuffs and put the pattern - if that's what you can call it - on ravelry! Here´s a little pic!
And, since I decided last week that I wanted to learn more different stitches, I've begun on the bastketweave stitch. There's a crochet version and a knit version and I'm doing both at the same time, with a 4mm crochet hook and 4mm knitting needles so I can see the differences between both! Needless to say the crochet version works up much more quickly. 

My last WIP started this week is an crochet infinity scarf (no pictures yet). I feel like I´ve gone a bit overboard in my enthusiasm.. I hope I´ll be working away some of my WIPs next week, instead of starting more projects and adding to my WIPs! Happy week everyone!
Ps! I've just uploaded a movie of my kitten Nala in her crocheted catnest! It's here!


Ylva said...

I love thos beanies, they are super cute! I'm impressed by people like you who can keep doing the same pattern more than once..

Kepanie said...

For a busy, social schedule, woman you're on fire! I love seeing those beanies again and again. I'll have bookmark that and give one a go for my BALWM when I'm done with this striped one I'm workin' on. Those hot pads are pretty cool too. I'm glad you made yourself those cuffs. Can you imagine how much ppl pay for nonpure wool ones?

Kepanie said...

Yikes! I hope my comment went through?

FoFo said...

WOW you have been busy. Everything looks great. That's why I've been posting so much because I am working on Christmas as well. Have a great Sunday!

Sam I Am...... said...

You are what I aspire to! I need to get presents done and stay on task with my projects. Your beanies are darling and such a nice job you did. I'm just starting a basket weave project as soon as the yarn arrives. The potholders are gorgeous...they look complicated and she will love them. Your boot cuffs are cute too. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those beanies and the hotpads are just awesome, love the colours. Congrats on getting the commission, it's such a kick isn't it?

Grenadine Girl said...

Wow you're on a roll! I love the colors you picked for all of those hats. I'm sure the recipients will be grateful for their warmth. :)

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