Nov 24, 2013

One charity at a time..

Happy Sunday all! How's life?

I sometimes have a problem of being overambitious... And this week that overambitiousness reared its head... I wanted to craft for three charity foundations all at the same time!

Typhoon Haiyan.
I had this idea and was really excited: selling handmade scarfs to friends and family and donating the profits to a charity foundation for the Philipines!

Knit or crochet a toy and donate them to the animal protection services. They'll sell them and use the profits to save, shelter and protect kittens.

De Goedgemutste Breicampagne.
Info here.

I had to be honest with myself. Although I'd love to, I just can't craft for all charities at once.. I'm already making blankets for the animal shelter, I already donated money to Unicef for the Philipines. So this week I had a blast with my friend making little hats for Innocent. Our work in progress:

These little hats are really addictive! We've made many more since then and we'll get together again next Tuesday to make some more hats! It's fun having a partner-in-crime!
Do you have a favourite charity?

Of course I also worked on my YoP list! I already posted on WIP Wednesday and an FO Friday so I'll try not to repeat myself and tell you what happened since then. Baby Koizumi and Mommy found their way to their new home! They'll be nestling in with a newborn babyboy who has a owl-themed room! They were received with much joy, tee hee! More on their story here!

I started on the Bowtie Necklace and it's finished! It was an cute small project and I had fun making it! Little Bow Peep :)

I really wanted to cast on a knitting project and since I'm a newknitter, I tend to opt for something small or easy. I started on my Bag-Away Blanket.

And since I had a friend who invited me to her baptism today, I decided to crochet her a cross bookmark.

That's all for today! Updated list can be found here! Have a lovely week!



Kepanie said...

I'm so glad I found you through YOP. You are so fun to read and the projects you choose are terrific. Yay! On the owls finding a great home. Your charity projects are wonderful. Those little caps are so cool and cute to look at. The bow tie necklace is cute and fun to wear.
I like Halos of Hope; I think that's what it's called. I made four beanies for them last year. I should do a few this year. The woman who had created it sent me a variety of hats for a teacher's sister after hearing about the situation.

Ylva said...

Those hats are really really cute!

aknitwithacake said...

Love the hats - I keep seeing them in the shops and think about doing some. My mum loves all things owl and would love those, they are fab :-)

nauget bluff said...

Nice work on all your projects...the owls are wonderful and the hats too cute... It would be nice if we all could do more for charity..It's great people like you that always keep others in mind... Thanks

Grenadine Girl said...

That crocheted cross is pretty nifty. I'm sure it was come in very handy :)

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