Nov 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello you! I have so many WIPs at the moment, I thought I'd write a WIP Wednesday post!

Since my last YoP post on Sunday, I've been working on the basketweave stitch - crochet and knit version.. I wanted to learn the basketweave stitch and see the difference between the knit and crochet version.. Crochet works up bigger and quicker than knit, but the crochet.version was also a lot more defined then the knit-version. I´m not sure whether it was the yarn or just my not-so-great knitting skills, but I kept frogging and casting on again! In the end I decided I wasn´t going to do this to myself another time so I´ve decided I´m trying again - at a later time - with bigger needles and thicker yarn. Meanwhile hears a pic of the crochet-version! It´s called ´Boxing with Basketweave´ (which I thought was funny. lol!)

I think I have the hang of it now, and I´ll make this project into a snuggle-blanket and donate it to the animal shelter.
I´ve also started working on Baby Koizumi and Mommy, little amigurumi owlets. So far, I just adore Baby Koizumi, but his mommy is still a WIP. Here´s a picture!

And I´ve made progress on my `It´s a Wrap´ infinity scarf. It´s funny how there are no written instructions, but a video on how to make this scarf. Plot twist!

Now for my older WIPS... My Retro Lulu headband is kind of... misplaced? I have one more place to check before I just start on another one. I wanted to make a different color anyway..

My Autumn Everyday Scarf is really calling my name lately.. But I´m also really tempted to frog it completely and use the yarn to make another scarf. I do love the color combination, but I don´t love that I didn´t use a pattern. Dilemma, dilemma..

As for my Tinkerbunny and my Funky Fingerless Mits, I don´t think they´ll be getting much attention this week. Maybe next week! Untill soon!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

The basketweave stitch is pretty great...the Yellow Brick Road that I am knitting right now is kind of a basketweave...but I still prefer crochet....

Kepanie said...

OMG. I love all of these projects you're hooking! I will go back and check out your projects when I come home from volunteering. The colors of this autumn scarf are extraordinary. If you ever tire of it, I have no qualms about taking it off tour hands ;0). I love the looks of that crocheted basketweave. Very defined indeed. I'll have to try that. The baby owl is adorable! So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh how cute is the owl!! Love it. The basketweave is a great looking stitch, I must give it a go. It would be interesting to see which I find better considering I'm a knitter first and foremost or at least I still consider myself a knitter first.

aknitwithacake said...

The owlet is lovely, looking forward to seeing him with his mum! I love the colours in the scarf, I'm sorry you are not loving the pattern (or lack of) as much.

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