Feb 16, 2014

A bit of everything..

Hi everyone and thanks for last weeks Cuties-lovin'! ^^

I have so many crafts I want to do! I got some lovely crafty supplies (more on that in my earlier post) and my hands are itching to do everything!! So I have been doing just that.. working on a bit of everything.

Here's Wags the Wienerdog in progress.. He's more wiener than dog at the moment..

I finally summoned up the courage to use the sewing machine! I made my first envelope pillow! I thought this would be the pillow I'd sew my crocheted Chevron Winter Pillow Cover on, but I kind of like the pillow as is...

The Cozy Wrap is ready to be filled. I'd love to try either a wheat or cherry pit filling.. It'll probably end up being whichever one I can find first..
Sweet Scarf of Mine is about the size that I'd like it to be.. (which is fairly short actually) I think I'll add a crochet edge, but I'm deciding whether I should add tassels or not.. What do you think?

Updated list here! Have a lovely week!


aknitwithacake said...

I love the colours in your scarf, they remind me of raspberries and cream. I like tassels, but that is just me!!

Anonymous said...

oh lots of lovely projects on the go. I love the pillow as is and I'm thinking tassells for the scarf but hey either will make it still look gorgeous.

Lily Razz said...

Thank you both! I was slighty hoping for pro-tassel-advise ;-)

Kepanie said...

Oh you are talented! If you ever get tired of that pillow cover, it can find a home here, *wink*. Your future dog is coming along perfectly. The headband is so fun with that color combo; it will super cute on you. And I like how you're varying the stripes for your scarf.

Ylva said...

What a lovely colour combination on the Cozy wrap!

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