Feb 7, 2014

Pictures of Nala

Furry babies grow up so fast! Nala sure has grown in the past 4months! Let's compare shall we? Two pictures of her in the same bed:
Day 1.. Coming home, September 28th
Last Friday, January 31st

And of course, more pictures of Nala 'in the now'..

Getting to know 'Puck' - the neigbours' cat - in our hallway
They meet and play on a daily basis now..

She's almost as big as Puck!

Not amused with mommy
for putting on a leash she has to get used to,
so she can go out on the balcony when she's older

Getting back at mommy
by lazy-ing around when mommy's working out
So goofy..
So tired...
Yep... I do love my kittycat!


fairyhedgehog said...

She's beyond cute!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

She's a sweetie! I'm trying to talk Dave into letting me get a little ginger cat... so far no luck!

Kepanie said...

I think cat accessories and toys are so fun. She certainly is well-loved in your home.

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