Feb 28, 2014

Moving back to Lily Razz

Hi Everyone! It's moving day! Today I am moving this blog (back) to my main blog: Lily Razz.

Why? Well, at one point - a few years ago - I made the silly decision to add a blog.. next to my original Lily Razz blog, where I'd blog about crafts.. Hence the blogname "Lily Gets Crafty".. Turns out... two blogs is a hassle, and redundant! Since all my social media is linked to "Lily Razz", I thought moving back would be the right decision..

Are you coming along with me? I'll be giving away an Etsy Gift Card to all of you who do!

Happy Friday!


Kepanie said...

Of course! I'll update my feed.

Raichely said...

I'm moving with you, miss ;)

Lily Razz said...

Yay! You guys are the best! ^^

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