Feb 15, 2014

A few new supplies..

New supplies always make me smile! Whether I buy yarn, paper, fabric or something else for my crafting needs, it always makes me giddy. But the more I get, the more I want.. Paradox?

So what do we have here... Some funky fun lettering! And washi tape! Yay!

And an embroidery starter kit. I've always wanted to learn embroidery, and when I saw this kit on sale, I knew I had to try it!

Oh and some fabrics! Yay! That's another thing I've always wanted to do.. Upgrade my sewing skills. With so many tutorials online, I just couldn't resist these lovely fabrics!

How about some scrapbook paper to go with the washi tape! Yummy!

Yes.. This does make me happy! Wish you all a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

Kepanie said...

Ooh! Fun, crafty stuff!

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